Male Voice Time Clock App for Android

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The Male Voice Time Clock App is most simple and convenient tool that announces the current time in a male voice with an intuitive user interface for Android Phones.



Features of male voice time clock


  • Nice male voice which says current time
  • Configurable repetition of time from 1 minute to 60 minutes
  • repetition of time that can be set to an exact hour and minute (ET)
  • User interface displays the current time with seconds, day of the week and current date.
  • Six chimes you can choose from


  Here are examples of voice announcement (It's five pm)

Play Time Only AM/PM OFF

Play Time Only AM/PM ON

Play Time and Chime AM/PM ON

Play Time and Chime AM/PM OFF

  Application screenshots

male_voice_clock_screenshot male_voice_clock_exact_time voice_clock_screen_60min

Application Private Policy

The application male voice time clock does not contain any ads and does not use any special rights such as internet access, photos, contacts, mic, camera, location.

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